Saturday, November 23, 2013


I don't have many friends and I still don't give a damn shit about it. why? because they are so not to be trusted. but i'm still trying to find that so called TRUE FRIEND. A friend who can share with you everything anything about our life. A friend that can accept you just the way you are. Never left you in whatever matter. Always stay and always be by your side for you even you happy or sad. No one in this world are perfect and I also may not be the perfect one but I will always try to be the right one. As the days go by, here i am..seem like i found a bunch of friend that I can completely trust without any doubt. Just promise to me, that you won't forget our conversations, our laughs, our messages, our words, our experiences, our promises, our tears, our jokes, our smiles, our plans, our memories, our friendships. 

Do you have those friends where you can't even remember how you became friends, you just suddenly were friends? That's how we met. Coincidence. 

p/s: True friends are like diamonds. So bright and valuable. Night people. XOXO.

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